Our Packaging

We're committed to using the most sustainable materials for our packaging, so you may not receive the prettiest box ever but we hope you'll agree that it's been thoughtfully packaged with a few personal touches.

All of our boxes will either be reused from deliveries we have had to us, or made from 100% recycled material. All boxes, filling, bags and wrapping are 100% recyclable and/or compostable. The tape we use to seal the boxes is also 100% recyclable and is fine to leave attached to the box, so no more annoyance trying to remove Sellotape prior to recycling any box!

We don't want to add any more paper than is absolutely necessary so you won't find any packing slips, business cards or other promotional material in our boxes. If there's further information you'd like to know about any of the products you have received then please refer back to the website or drop us a line at and we will be more than happy to assist!

We would always encourage you to reuse any packaging as much as you can too - we find cardboard boxes make fantastic toys for young children and easily fills an afternoon of painting and cutting into a car or shopping trolley! Or perhaps you're an avid eBayer and can reuse the box to ship some goods you've sold - a money- and resource-saving endeavour!

We are also always really happy to have packaging that can be reused returned to us too - if you are local then please drop it into the store at 153 High Street, Ongar, Essex, CM5 9JD.