Loose Leaf Tea -  Early Grey - Refill Mill
Loose Leaf Tea -  Early Grey - Refill Mill
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Loose Leaf Tea - Early Grey

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We just love these loose leaf teas from local company, Tealicious. They've been expertly blended by their resident Tea Expert and we can honestly say they're the best teas we've tasted!

Early Grey is a light, refreshing blend with added oil of bergamot, a citrus fruit. This version of the traditional Earl Grey tea includes a base blend of Darjeeling and Ceylon tea, so it is lighter and less powerful than most others. There are records of tea being flavoured with bergamot oil in the early 1800s but it was probably given its name in honour of Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl Grey and British Prime Minister in the 1830s.

There is no fixed recipe for the ‘Earl Grey’ blend and many companies disguise inferior teas by over loading them with oil. High quality Darjeeling and Ceylon teas have been used for this blend with just enough oil to allow the tea flavour through. The result is a delightfully light, refreshing blend which can be drunk at any time of day.

  • Tasters say – light, refreshing, citrus, orange like.
  • Looks – light and golden
  • Region – mainly Ceylon and Darjeeling
  • Brew – For best results, 4 to 5 mins (but you will work out what’s best for you) Can be drunk with milk but try it with lemon or orange for a change.

    Available in 100g (around 50 cups) or 250g (around 125 cups).

    The Tealicious Way To Brew:

    The Water:
    Always use fresh water. It is the dissolved oxygen in the water that draws the flavour out of the tea leaf. Water that has been boiled before has less oxygen so won't brew as well.


    The Kettle:
    Only put in the amount of water you are going to use. It makes no difference to how the tea tastes but it will use less energy and save you money.


    The Tea Pot:
    Use your favourite. It doesn’t matter if its metal, china or glass but it does help to warm it first. The best type of tea pot is one with an internal removable strainer or basket. Removing the strainer enables you to stop the tea from brewing beyond your ideal time.


    The Tea:
    When you are able to get top quality leaf tea why would you pay extra to have it wrapped in tissue or some other material which restricts its brew? It makes no sense, so always use whole leaf tea. You will soon work out what is best for you but we recommend 1 teaspoon per cup, placed in the warmed tea pot.

    The Pouring:
    Putting the milk in first or last does make a difference but neither is wrong. Why not pour one cup of each and see which you prefer.


    The Drinking:
    Sit down, relax and make time to enjoy this exquisite drink that has been so carefully brought to its point of perfection.